In a bizarre twist of events, a classic car worth $100,000 was stolen from a home in Woodland Hills, only to break down during the thieves’ escape attempt. The incident, which occurred on January 11, has left the owner, Seth Wayne, and the local community in shock.

Seth Wayne had plans to celebrate his birthday when he discovered that his prized 1962 Chevy Impala convertible was missing. The car was last seen in Wayne’s possession just a couple of weeks earlier, having been bought on Christmas Eve. Its sudden disappearance marked the beginning of a strange tale of theft and misfortune.

Security footage from Wayne’s home showed the classic Chevy being driven away by an unidentified individual. The car, known for its distinctive style and elegance, was not just any vehicle. It was a customized masterpiece, equipped with a dozen batteries and used for hydraulic hopping.

But the getaway did not go as planned for the thieves. The Chevy, which had been undergoing repairs on its radiator, suffered a breakdown mid-escape. In an unexpected turn of events captured on video, the driver of the stolen car was seen frantically yelling at the occupant of a trailing Toyota Prius, urging them to “Push me!” This desperate act was an attempt to keep the malfunctioning car moving, highlighting the thieves’ determination to flee with the stolen vehicle.

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“They broke down at that point, so they started pushing it with the Prius as you can see in the video,” recounted a dismayed Wayne. This scene, almost comical in its desperation, was a stark contrast to the usual serene atmosphere of Medina Road, where the theft occurred.

Wayne, a car enthusiast who has owned numerous vehicles, expressed a particular fondness for the stolen Chevy. “I had a lot of cars but that one was definitely special,” he said. His attachment to the car was evident, not just in his words but also in the timing of its purchase, which coincided with the festive season.

The theft of this classic car has raised concerns in the Woodland Hills community. Classic cars, especially those as well-maintained and unique as Wayne’s Chevy Impala, are not just vehicles; they are cherished possessions that embody history, artistry, and personal memories. The loss of such an item extends beyond its monetary value and strikes a chord with collectors and car enthusiasts.

Wayne’s hope now lies in the power of community vigilance. He is appealing to anyone who might recognize the distinctive car to come forward with information. The unusual circumstances of the theft, particularly the breakdown and the subsequent pushing of the car by a Prius, might jog someone’s memory, leading to clues about the whereabouts of the classic Chevy.

Local police are investigating the incident, examining the security footage, and seeking witnesses who might have seen the unusual scene of a classic car being pushed down the road by a Prius. The theft of such a high-value item is not just a personal loss for Wayne but a matter of public interest, given the rarity and value of the vehicle.

As the community rallies to support Wayne, there is hope that the classic 1962 Chevy Impala convertible will be recovered and returned to its rightful owner.