Hollywood. Wander along Hollywood Boulevard, and you’ll stumble upon a couple thousand names of folks who’ve spun their dreams into reality. As you stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, you’ll find thousands of names etched in fame, from timeless legends like Marilyn Monroe to gigantic fictional characters like Godzilla. In a fitting addition to its illustrious lineup, Chris Hemsworth received his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just a day before the U.S. premiere of the eagerly awaited film, “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.”

On Thursday, Hemsworth thanked his fans, castmates, and family, taking a moment to specifically thank his parents. The God of Thunder said his parents raised him “with the belief that if you do choose something you’re passionate about, if you lean into something you love with your heart and soul, then the purpose and the meaning is laid out in front of you.”

Gathered for the grand star reveal at the Ovation Hollywood shopping hub on Hollywood Boulevard was none other than Robert Downey Jr., Hemsworth’s fellow superhero from four “Avengers” escapades. Also on hand were George Miller, the mastermind who directed and co-wrote the post-apocalyptic action saga, along with his “Furiosa” co-star, the illustrious Anya Taylor-Joy.

Born in Melbourne, Australia on August 11, 1983, Hemsworth kicked off his acting journey Down Under in 2002, appearing in a pair of episodes of the fantasy series “Guinevere Jones” as none other than King Arthur. While the actor gained more experience and recognition in Australian television, Hemsworth headed for the big, American screen. Hemsworth’s inaugural American film gig came in 2009’s sci-fi flick “Star Trek,” where he popped up in the opening scene as George Kirk, the first officer of the Federation starship USS Kelvin and the father of James T. Kirk, the future captain of the Enterprise.

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Despite those memorable five minutes, Hemsworth’s love and passion propelled him toward an impressive film career. With a career marked by a slew of successful franchises, he’s also made his mark on streaming platforms with record-breaking viewership. Recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hemsworth continues to be a versatile and celebrated figure in the cinematic world.

Hemsworth is the 2,781st star on the American landmark since its completion in 1961 with the initial 1,558 stars. On his momentous day, Hemsworth mused, “We don’t say rising into love, we say falling into love, so take the plunge. There’s a leap of faith involved, and there’s risk in that tumble. But if you have folks around to catch you and cheer you on, the risk feels much lighter. I’m deeply grateful for my parents’ cheerleading along the journey and the confidence they instilled in me and my brothers to chase after something we were passionate about, something that sparked curiosity and creativity.”