Texas Isaiah’s inaugural solo show in Los Angeles, “Flowers at Your Feet: a Cherished Horizon,” hosted by Residency Art Gallery, marks a significant milestone in his career. The exhibition showcases his latest series, which integrates classical photography techniques with sacred spaces, particularly altars, to highlight the intricate aspects of Black Trans-masculine identity. The gallery opening attracted numerous attendees, all eager to witness Isaiah’s evocative work and participate in the artist talk moderated by Auttrianna Ward.

The event drew a diverse crowd, including community members, supporters, and art enthusiasts who shared their thoughts on the show’s impact. Damaris Chambers, a personal trainer and one of the sitters featured in the exhibit, emphasized the importance of freedom and connection to the art. For Chambers, Isaiah’s work creates a dreamlike state that invites viewers to explore deeper emotions and personal connections. Another attendee, Adedolapo Adeniji, echoed these sentiments, praising Isaiah’s creativity and the powerful effect of his work.

The large photographs of trans-Black, masculine bodies prominently displayed on the gallery walls were a focal point for many visitors. Kandis Hutcherson noted the significance of such representation, sharing how crucial it is for their culture to see themselves reflected in these tender and peaceful moments. That visibility provides a sense of validation and empowerment that strengthens the community.

Reniece Charles, another attendee, highlighted the importance of unity and the role of art in supporting Black, queer, and trans culture. For Charles, the exhibition is vital for bringing people together and celebrating these identities through art. The sense of belonging and mutual support was palpable throughout the evening, affirming the exhibition’s impact on those present. The show’s compelling depiction of rest and reflection also inspired those very themes to be embraced by the viewers. 

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Born in Brooklyn, NY, and now residing in Los Angeles, TX, Isaiah is a first-generation visual narrator who has made significant strides in the art world. He became one of the first Trans photographers to feature on the covers of Vogue and TIME, capturing iconic figures like Janet Mock, Patrisse Cullors, Dwayne Wade, and Gabrielle Union. Receiving the 2018 Art Matters grant and the 2019 Getty Images: Where We Stand Creative Bursary grant, Isaiah’s accolades also include serving as a 2020-21 artist in residence at The Studio Museum in Harlem.

“Flowers at Your Feet: a Cherished Horizon” continues the conversation Isaiah started during his 2021 residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem. The exhibition traverses various photographic languages, exploring themes of contemplation, awakening, authority, rest, and emotional movement. Isaiah’s natural expressions of the sitters weave narratives with powerful themes of devotion, tenderness, and more. Uniquely, Isaiah remains an unseen presence within his work, adding a layer of intimacy and intrigue that prompts viewers to ponder and appreciate the hidden perspectives within the vividly captured moments.

A gifted autodidact, Texas Isaiah harnesses the power of nature and natural beauty to bring his creations to life. Isaiah’s shift from traditional natural light to other lighting materials while maintaining a connection to ambient sources like the sun highlights his evolving vision. The spotlighting creates a sacred atmosphere within the domestic spaces depicted, inviting viewers to experience a visceral sense of self-discovery within the exhibition’s haven. From launching his poignant visual project “BLACKNESS” in 2012 to his current creative offering “Flowers at Your Feet: a Cherished Horizon,” Isaiah continues to use his artistry to heal through photography.