The iconic Ace Hotel, at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, has symbolized urban renewal since its inauguration in 2014. Nestled at the historic landmark, the hotel fueled a decade-long wave of redevelopment. Their presence has helped transform a once-neglected neighborhood into a vibrant cultural hub. 

Unfortunately, this famed hotel prepares to close its doors on January 31, 2024. The impending closure was announced by the hotel chain on December 12 on social media. More than the end of a hospitality era, the closure of Ace Hotel marks a major shift for the downtown landscape. 

With stark black and white tiles, a Spanish Gothic-style rooftop crown, and an overall hip ambiance, Ace Hotel mirrored the renaissance of Downtown LA. Artists, influencers, and trendsetters were once regular guests. Offering panoramic views of the burgeoning borough, the rooftop of the hotel evolved into one of the city’s most vibrant nightlife spots. Sadly, after the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, the scenario changed drastically as both the hotel and the district it helped revitalize gradually lost their pre-pandemic grandeur. 

Amid struggles of post-pandemic revival, the once bustling Downtown LA witnessed the closure of several restaurants that failed to bounce back after the economic setback. Ace Hotel, in particular, faced stiff competition from emerging rivals such as the Hoxton, the Freehand, and Proper Hotels. The ground-floor restaurant of Ace Hotel, Loam, also battled to regain its momentum after taking over from Best Girl in 2021. This was a venture by Providence chef Michael Cimarusti that has been operational since 2017. The initial restaurant, L.A. Chapter, embraced the spotlight when the hotel first opened its doors in 2014. 

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The announcement of Ace Hotel’s closure was made through a somber statement posted on their Instagram account. Expressing deep gratitude for the support received over the past decade, the hotel bid farewell to its congenial home at 929 S. Broadway. The owners are now aiming to reflag the property into a tech-driven, rooms-only setup, without Ace’s renowned food and beverage offerings. Additionally, Ace DTLA, the cherished Theater for screenings, shows, and performances, will undergo a renovation in management, marking a shift in the cultural landscape. 

Ceasing operations at the Ace Hotel is not just a response to the challenging times post-pandemic but also an acknowledgment of the evolving hospitality industry. As the once-bustling hotspot is now facing change, it is boldly navigating through the challenges still present from the global health crisis. According to the official announcement, the closure is not the end but a transformation. The owners expressed hope for a return, leaving the community with an emotional message, “The future is yet in your power.” 

As Ace Hotel’s legacy comes to an unexpected end, the downtown community is bracing to welcome a new era. The Spanish Gothic-style rooftop crown, once a place of mavericks and mystics, will now undergo a transformation. This hotel’s closure marks the end of an era in hospitality and a prelude to the next chapter in the evolving landscape of Downtown Los Angeles.