While the Los Angeles Clippers have had to share space with the LA Lakers since the 1999-2000 NBA season, the crosstown rivals are heading to a home of their own this coming August, just in time for the 2024-2025 basketball season. The Los Angeles Clippers are moving from the Crypto.com Arena to the Intuit Dome, and with the move comes a whole new, tasty menu for fans to enjoy. 

Located just outside of South LA, Intuit Dome will have space for 18,000 people, with its grand opening featuring a performance by Bruno Mars on August 15th. With the opening comes a new menu, which was unveiled last week and created through a partnership with Chicago-based restaurant group, Levy. Void of fast food chains and big-brand labels, the concessions menu has been specially whipped up for fans.

Known as “The Dome Dozen,” the arena’s menu is a collection of snacks and dishes that will be served throughout all 20 concession stands. Also known as “food markets,” concession stands will be located “just steps away from every seat in the house,” and feature self-checkout scanners to support customers on their mission to grab food and go, according to a statement from Intuit Dome. Further explaining the concession process, the venue’s statement also said that “the entire journey was designed to take 123 seconds or less to get back to your seat.”

Included in “The Dome Dozen” are traditional concession snacks like nachos, hot dogs, churros, popcorn, soft pretzels, and ice cream. But Intuit Dome and Levy are bringing innovation to the menu with a handful of specialty items not typically found at a snack stand. Fans can head to concessions for items like a buffalo cauliflower wrap and a “sushi dog,” which has been described on the venue’s website as “like a sushi burrito in the size and portability of a hot dog.” The sushi dog will be available in spicy tuna and California roll flavors. 

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According to the venue, other Dome Dozen dishes include hand-rolled maki, nigiri, and bento boxes made by an in-house sushi chef each game, artisanal sandwiches, market salads with favorites like Caesar and cobb, and a curated snack collection featuring “crispy, salty and sweet” offerings.

Over half of Intuit Dome’s concession stands will also feature signature dishes, with some honoring Angeleno favorites. The signature dishes will include:

  • Four-Edge Pan Pizza: Fans can delight in this square-cut pizza that comes in pepperoni, cheese, and a rotating selection of toppings that is baked inside custom pans.
  • Double-Cheeseburger: A twist on a classic. This burger is a blend of brisket, short rib, and chuck, promising tender, juicy perfection topped with pickles, American cheese, and Clippers’s secret sauce. 
  • LA Street Dog: Grab a Niman Ranch all-beef hot dog with garlic mayo on your way back to your seat. They come on a split-top Bolillo bun – bacon-wrapped with ketchup, mustard, and seasoned peppers and onions. 
  • K-Town BBQ Chicken and Waffle Fries: You may have trouble focusing with these chicken thighs tossed in a sweet, smoky Korean BBQ sauce from Echo Park-based Korean restaurant Seoul Sausage.
  • Empanadas: Warm, flaky pastries in rotating flavors made by LA Chain Continental Gourmet Market. Does more need to be said?

Season tickets are on sale, available here for fans ready for basketball season and good food.