In the heart of Los Angeles’ Los Feliz neighborhood, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, famous for his role in “Modern Family,” and his husband, Justin Mikita, have opened the doors of their home to fans. This invitation has revealed a blend of contemporary design and personal touches that make their space truly unique.

Their recently acquired residence, designed by Mandy Cheng, offered the perfect canvas for transformation. The house was initially a blank slate and has been meticulously crafted into a haven of warmth and modern aesthetics. It showcases Cheng’s ability to marry the couple’s vision with innovative design elements.

The decision to work with Cheng was strategic. Justin emphasized their desire for a designer who could both challenge their tastes and respect their preferences. This balance is evident throughout the home, where modern design meets personal sentimentality.

Art plays a pivotal role in their home’s ambiance. The couple, who married in 2013, have curated a collection that not only beautifies their space but also holds significant sentimental value. Jesse highlighted the importance of showcasing their meaningful art and collectibles, adding a layer of personal history to the home’s modern backdrop.

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One standout piece is a unique gift from Jesse’s “Modern Family” co-star, Eric Stonestreet. To mark the end of the beloved ABC sitcom, Stonestreet presented each cast member with a framed piece of wood, featuring their autographs next to their respective spike tape marks – a color-coded system used on set to indicate where actors should stand during filming. This gift, encapsulating memories of their 11-season journey, holds a special place in Jesse and Justin’s home.

The couple’s sense of humor and love for comfort is reflected in the design of their bedroom, which boasts a custom-made bed, humorously described by Jesse as “a king and a half.” While providing a touch of luxury, this oversized bed also echoes the couple’s playful nature.

Their home extends beyond the interiors to include patios that lend an “elevated campground feel,” as described by Jesse. The backyard is a sanctuary in itself, complete with a guest house, a pool inspired by luxury hotels, and two whimsically named statues – “Joe Jonas” and “Peter” the horse. These outdoor spaces provide a perfect blend of leisure and elegance.

Functionality is also a key aspect of their home design. With two young sons, Beckett and Sullivan, the couple ensured their home was not just a showpiece but a practical living space. The open-concept kitchen, dining, and living room areas facilitate a seamless flow, ideal for family interactions and entertaining guests. Additionally, the playroom, as Justin humorously notes, is a favorite spot for their three-year-old, rivaling his bedroom in terms of time spent.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s Los Feliz home is more than just a modern abode. It’s a carefully curated space that reflects their journey, humor, and family life. It perfectly blends contemporary design with personal narratives, offering a glimpse into the lives of one of Hollywood’s beloved couples. Their home is not just about aesthetics. It’s about creating a space that embodies their life’s stories and joys, making the perfect home for a truly modern family.