Famed Los Angeles Dodger Mookie Betts attended the 81st Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7, as part of his bid to become a Hollywood producer. As a founder of One Marketing Group, Betts walked the red carpet alongside cofounders Cam Lewis and Jeff Mason.

“This is our first time being out and being able to attend something like this,” Betts told The Associated Press. “We watched it on TV so much.” The appearance could also be considered a networking attempt for Betts, who was looking to make connections with some of the Hollywood stars in attendance. He had similarly been spotted spending time with actor Will Ferrell at a Los Angeles Kings game. “That’s the plan, right?” Betts told AP. “Just put yourself in the surroundings and see what happens.”

Appearing on the red carpet in a black suit with a bow tie, black brimmed hat, and a silver lapel pin, Betts struggled when reporters asked who he was wearing. His eventual response was, “I’m wearing confidence.”

Betts is no stranger to working in the media, having shown a deft hand as he tries out many different kinds of productions. He’s a reliable sports correspondent when given the chance, most recently for MLB platforms during the 2023 World Series in Arizona. He also hosts a podcast, On Base with Mookie Betts, as part of the Bleacher Report.

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More importantly, Betts was the executive producer for Jackie Robinson: Get to the Bag, a film about Robinson’s impact on baseball. The film was produced as a Fox Sports Films documentary and focuses more on Robinson’s life and impact than on “all the baseball stuff,” according to a statement by Betts. It first aired on Fox Sports 1 on October 12, 2022, and can now be watched in its entirety at any time on the Fox Sports YouTube channel.

One Marketing Group’s website states that its mission is “to inspire people to see the truth within themselves through the lens of entertainment, including film, television, and sports.” There, pictured sitting in a fine gray suit with a serious business expression, Betts is described as “a community activist” who “uses his platforms and businesses to shed light on what is possible if you work hard and believe.”

Betts and his cofounders set up One Media Group in 2020 for his part as a potential post-baseball career. For now, however, his baseball career is going strong. A celebrated Gold Glove outfielder, Betts has been a part of two World Series victories, most recently in 2020, and had his seventh All-Star appearance following the 2023 MLB season. During the recent season, Betts spent a significant amount of time playing the infield. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has announced that Betts will be the team’s regular second baseman for the 2024 season. Mookie Betts is also at the top of his batting game, having hit a career-high of 39 home runs in the 2023 season.