The IGN media brand has announced a new annual event focused on gaming and entertainment news, culture, and creators. The inaugural event is set to take place in downtown Los Angeles in the Summer of 2024. The event will be a three-day experience, with portions of its ticket sales going to charity through a partnership with Humble Bundle.

IGN Live will take place in early June, providing visitors with entertainment and insights from industry professionals and talent, as well as parties and various attractions set up by exhibitors specializing in gaming and entertainment. The event will also host gaming tournaments, which will stage announcements about new projects and upcoming releases, as well as panels featuring personalities and experts from games, television, and other kinds of media. True to the IGN Live name, several of IGN’s shows will be conducted live at the event.

The event grew naturally out of IGN’s Summer Of Gaming project, which began in 2020 as a response to the global pandemic and the lockdowns it caused. Virtual Summer Of Gaming events reached almost 200 million people worldwide during its fourth annual occurrence. For 2024, IGN Live will be the first time an in-person event has been featured in the Summer Of Gaming schedule.

“IGN Live is aligned with IGN’s mission and history. For nearly three decades, we have fueled fandoms that drive the most diverse and beloved games and entertainment into the zeitgeist,” said Yael Prough, President of IGN Entertainment. “Fans and partners have voiced their demand for a physical space where the community can come together in person to celebrate the industry’s most exciting innovations. L.A. was an obvious choice. It is home to some of the world’s top gaming and entertainment talent and creators. We are already experiencing the enthusiasm from publishers, partners, and leadership in Los Angeles who look forward to delivering a world-class experience to the IGN community in DTLA at IGN Live 2024.”

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IGN is an LA-based internet media company and has been one of the top sources for news and information about video games and other entertainment since it was founded in 1996. With more than 360 million monthly users and more than 58 million followers across social media, IGN’s content is regularly featured in 20 languages across 110 countries. Its worldwide reach is extended by custom apps on mobile devices and gaming platforms.

The Chief Tourism Officer of the City of Los Angeles also voiced excitement about the upcoming event: “L.A. continues to offer world-leading experiences for businesses and consumers alike. We have played host to many unforgettable gaming and industry events for thousands of attendees in June throughout the years. We look forward to continuing this legacy with IGN in June of 2024 and for years to come.”

IGN Live will also be accessible to virtual attendees as part of the Summer Of Gaming, with much of its content streaming on its apps, its IGN digital network, and YouTube and other social platforms. IGN’s website for more information and registration has already gone live well ahead of the event. The site will host announcements about exhibitors, event schedules, and guests over the next several weeks.