Beginning in 2025, Slamdance Film Festival will be relocating to Los Angeles from Park City, Utah.

Set to run from February 20-26, 2025, the next restatement will take place at venues located in and surrounding the Hollywood area including The DGA Theater Complex and the Landmark Theaters Sunset—both on Sunset Boulevard. More locations will be announced in the future.

Festivalgoers and enthusiasts spoke on the move saying that it “will allow for the continued growth of Slamdance’s year-round mission to provide an accessible and dynamic community for truly independent, visionary filmmakers and creators.”

With in-person passes beginning as low as $50 and several of their programs being made free to the public, the festival has said that it ultimately hopes to be financially accessible to a broad demographic.

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Festival heads will enjoy multiple new and existing programs at the 2025 edition, which will include Slamdance’s free education initiative, Polytechnic. There will also be a series of one-minute short films made in any format called “6ixty,” as well as Next Wave LA, which is a program of new media work by LA-based artists, and the cutting-edge, experiential DIG (digital, interactive, gaming) section.

The news of Slamdance’s move from Utah to California comes during a year that has seen multiple changes for American festivals and markets already. American Film Market is actively transitioning from Santa Monica to Las Vegas later this year while Sundance is reportedly scouting for a potential new location away from Park City.

Cofounders of AGBO Anthony and Joe Russo, who started in 1997 with the Slamdance premiere of their comedy feature Pieces spoke about their dedication to the festival, stating that it will remain “unwavering.” As partners with Slamdance on a fellowship program and other initiatives, AGBO added, “We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and impact of Slamdance in its new home.”

As for how the city of Los Angeles is set to embrace the move, LA Mayor Karen Bass has stated that the city “has always been a home and a source of inspiration for artists, as the creative capital of the world.” Mayor Bass continued to further showcase her appreciation for the arts, noting that Slamdance has the unlimited potential to serve as a “dynamic hub for creativity, connection, and job opportunities for Angelinos.”

The Slamdance Film Festival was founded in 1995 by current Slamdance president Peter Baxter who has also recently spoken on the transition from Park City to Los Angeles. Baxter said, “Building upon our success in Utah, we will grow the festival with greater accessibility in Los Angeles and continue our work in launching new films, new careers, and new ideas in filmmaking. With new and existing collaborators, our mission is to increase the global value of independent film and digital media and serve the Los Angeles arts community.”

Besides the Russo brothers, other standout Slamdance alumni and supporters include Christopher and Emma Nolan, Sean Baker, Gina Prince-Bythewood, Bong Joon Ho, Marie Jamora, Steven Soderbergh, Rian Johnson, and Merawi Gerima.

A total of 113 films, including 17 eventual world premieres, were screened at the 2024 festival. Panasonic LUMIX will be the official sponsor of the 2025 festival.