There’s buzzing speculation that Lebron James is eyeing ownership of his basketball team in the future. During a candid chat on J.J. Redick’s “Mind The Game” podcast, James dropped some hints about his approach to team management.

The renowned 20-time All-Star of the Los Angeles Lakers has been associated with rumors about taking charge of a new men’s pro basketball team, potentially named the Las Vegas Aces. While James remained coy about confirming these rumors, he offered Redick a glimpse into his possible management style.

“I tell you, when I get my team, the teams that draft well, those guys will be working for me for sure,” James said. “OKC does an unbelievable job with that.” This is not the first time he has praised the Oklahoma City Thunders’ management team and front office president, Sam Presti. He is often at odds with Lakers’ general manager and president, Rob Pelinka, indicating that he has strong opinions about how a team should be run.

James could afford to purchase an NBA team if he is so inclined. His contract for the next season alone is worth $51.4 million, and according to Newsweek, he made a whopping $479.4 million last year. With his NBA earnings and sponsorship deals, Chase Peterson-Withorn of Forbes estimated that his worth was $1 billion–and that was two years ago. 

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While James appears to be approaching the end of his playing career, there are no guarantees in the world of pro sports. He will become a free agent this summer and could go wherever he wants; as one of the most prolific basketball players, any team would be lucky to have him. However, his comments have led many to believe he wishes to finish his career with the Lakers. His son, Bronny James, is currently attending the University of Southern California, meaning that Los Angeles would be the ideal choice to remain close to his family.

However, after his tenure with the Lakers was up, James was rumored to be considering a few options for owning a team. There is a lot of buzz around a new team coming to Las Vegas. The city has welcomed NHL and NFL teams in recent years and is hungry for more. Discussions regarding a new stadium in Vegas are also underway, with the project currently set to cost $1.8 billion. If James did decide to invest in making the Las Vegas Aces a reality, he would be entering a thriving market. Aside from the chatter about the Las Vegas Aces, James has reportedly been considering a franchise in Seattle. Other rumors indicate he could be interested in a stake in the Lakers or the Cleveland Cavaliers. Only time will tell when he decides to put his managing skills to the test.

As the first active basketball player to reach billionaire status, James represents a unique position in the sport. He already owns a stake in Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Boston Red Sox, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and an English soccer team based in Liverpool. James’ apparent interest in sports team ownership is an intriguing turn in his career and one that not many players can execute. Fans eagerly await this new way to watch their favorite player flourish.