With the surge in business startups reaching over 5 million in 2022 and continuing to grow in 2023, the establishment of a robust business community has become a critical component. While the journey of running a work-from-home business has appealing elements, it is not without its significant challenges. As independent business ventures become more common, Stephanie Cartin, Co-founder of Entrepreneurista, places a strong emphasis on the importance of fostering connections and community in the modern business world. 

The transition from the corporate realm to entrepreneurship can be a solitary and intimidating experience for many business owners. According to Cartin, the corporate environment includes daily interactions with others, ranging from casual greetings to impromptu discussions at the water cooler. However, when entrepreneurs take the leap to start their ventures, often from the comfort of their homes, the stark reality of isolation sets in. The sense of loneliness mirrors the pandemic’s remote work era, highlighting the broader shift in work culture from in-person to working from home.

Cartin articulates the challenges faced by entrepreneurs when isolated and underscores the paramount importance of joining a business community at any stage of their business venture. The solitude experienced while working from home can be mitigated by becoming part of a community that provides networking opportunities, the chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and the ability to seek advice from those who have navigated similar journeys.

Recognizing the imperative need for a supportive community, Cartin took the initiative to establish The Entrepreneurista League. The endeavor was driven by her desire to provide resources and tools that she wished were available when setting out on her entrepreneurial journey over a decade ago. The community serves as a comprehensive platform, bringing together founders and entrepreneurs to share their diverse experiences and insights. The Entrepreneurista League functions as a hub where members can seek guidance on various challenges, ranging from bookkeeping and finances to regulatory matters, thereby fostering a collaborative learning environment.

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Mentorship emerges as another vital cornerstone in entrepreneurship, offering access to individuals who have triumphantly established themselves in business. The benefits extend beyond emotional support, encompassing practical aspects such as business education, marketing tips, financial guidance, and more. Business communities provide a centralized space for entrepreneurs to access a myriad of resources efficiently, saving time and ensuring that they are not alone in their journey.

For those hesitant to join a business community, Cartin encourages individuals to engage with current members, learn from their experiences, and explore the diversity of available networking groups. The Entrepreneurista League, adopting a hybrid model, offers both online networking and in-person events. Cartin advises aspiring entrepreneurs to dive in and get started, emphasizing the wealth of knowledge and resources available when one taps into a supportive community.

Cartin’s advice speaks to the universal truth that it is essential to take that first step. In the entrepreneurship sphere, initiating into a business community opens doors to a wealth of knowledge and resources. The journey becomes less daunting, and the sense of isolation fades away as entrepreneurs connect, learn, and thrive together, creating a collaborative ecosystem that propels each member toward success.