A landslide that began seven months ago is having a substantially negative impact on the local community in Newport Beach. The event already demolished one home and wiped away chunks of several residents’ backyards. Recently, the landslide began moving land around again at an alarming pace. It leaves residents of the Dover Shores neighborhood of Newport Beach living on the edge, and understandably so, as they anxiously await how the event continues.

Bob Holcomb, a superintendent for Holcomb Engineering, recently observed evidence of the landslide’s activity on one resident’s home, and it is not looking good, especially with unpleasant weather on the horizon. Heavy rain could quickly destabilize the environment for the property and another near the landslide. 

This natural event can be challenging to predict, control, and resolve, and such issues prime landslides for anxiety in such locations. Locals monitor the event and keep up with the details to plan accordingly. It is unclear at this time when the landslide will subside. 

Two residents on Galaxy Drive reported that they had been concerned since the earlier landslides in March. Being close to the event has significantly affected their quality of life, and residents worry about the landslide’s potential consequences. 

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Unfortunately, developments in landslide activity are not relieving the community’s anxiety. Recent observations by experts like Holcomb indicate possible progression. With increased levels of rain on the way, expectations are not promising. 

Now, residents face more concern as tension continues mounting. Multiple homes in the Newport Beach Dover Shores neighborhood are again at risk, and residents are concerned for their security and safety. Although the landslide began in March, the threat continues. 

Seven months after the landslide began, two homes on Galaxy Drive still live on the edge. After the evaluation, Holcomb concluded, “The wall is starting to lean right now because the hill is so saturated that the dirt keeps sinking, and this keeps peeling off every day.” The first landslide severely impacted the home in question.

While property owners wait to see if their homes or yards will make it unscathed, analysts track the weather. Local climate conditions and the amount of precipitation will inevitably influence the magnitude of the following activity and resulting damage. Those monitoring the area can only hope for the best, with an event practically impossible to prepare for. 

As bluff failure has occurred in the past in surrounding areas, it would not be surprising to see it happen here. It has also contributed to the general rise in concern, stemming from claims from some locals that the city of Newport Beach was partially responsible for the slide. Some locals cite a clogged and overflowing storm drain as the landslide’s perceived cause. Regardless of the reason, there may be more concerning landslide activity soon.